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TV Optical Bundle
TV Optical Bundle

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Miccus® TV Bundle I

No lip sync or audio delay featuring high quality aptX Low Latency audio with optical connectivity

Our Price: $89.99



Optical Bluetooth Bundle to Watch Your TV in HD with No Audio Delay, includes Miccus Stealth Bluetooth headphones & Home RTX Mini Bluetooth transmitter

Upgrade your TV or home theater system to transmit or receive HD music and audio wirelessly with an easy to use, inexpensive bluetooth bundle.

Features Optical/Toslink input and output for Hi-Fi sound quality

Keep the Peace with Headphones

Listen to your audio at your volume without disturbing others. The kids or roommate are sleeping and your game or favorite movie is on. Or you need the volume turned louder than others in the room find comfortable.

Enjoy the full depth of the movie soundtrack as it was meant to be heard. Hear the game's announcer share all the player statistics. Don't miss a beat of the song...

Keep the peace in the household while turning up your volume.

Why do I need 2 devices?

Most TVs do not have bluetooth so you will need BOTH a bluetooth transmitter and headphones. The RTX mini connects to your TV's OPTICAL port to send audio to the bluetooth headphones.

Designed together to be ideal for TV or Gaming

Many bluetooth products deliver audio with a 2-4 second delay, creating a lip sync problem. However, the RTX Home Mini and Stealth Headphones when used together create the ideal solution, AUDIO WITH NO DELAY by using aptx low latency codec.

Sound is in sync with visual media, perfect for watching TV, movies or videos.

Will others in the room still be able to hear TV audio if I use headphones?

When the RTX Home Mini is plugged into the TV optical port, YES, the TV and headphones audio and volume are independent of each other. Yes, others can listen to the TV while you listen via the headphones. Easily select your volume on the headphones with the convenient on ear controls.

The best part?

For your convenience, Miccus has already PAIRED the devices for FREE. Miccus created an audio bluetooth bridge between the transmitter and headphones. Now all you need to do is a few quick easy steps detailed in a Quickstart guide.

Why Miccus products?

Miccus audio products are designed by musicians with a penchant for quality sound. Founded in 2007, Miccus has an established retail history and a proven track record with it's customers. Based out of Detroit, we will go the distance for you with excellent, easy to understand customer service should you require support.

Ships Same Day

Stop volume disagreements and start enjoying full wireless audio. Select your volume with the Miccus Optical Bluetooth Bundle

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Support by phone available M-F, 11am-4pm (616) 604-4449 EST; email support available 24hrs support@miccus.com

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