ChargeBlock XL

Powerful, portable battery charger that attaches to all iPhones® and most iPods®


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  • Simple - connect and keep using your iPhone or iPod while it re-charges.
  • Compatible - made for iPhone and iPod certified- recharges any model iPhone and iPod with a dock connector (30pin).
  • Easy to use - nine indicator lights, six Blue LEDs and three red LEDs indicate charging and discharging status.
  • Fast - recharge your iPhone or iPod and the ChargeBlock at the same time.

Product Description

The ChargeBlock XL for iPhone/iPod is a necessity for today's fast-paced mobile lifestyle. This powerful, yet compact battery charger allows all iPhones (yes, including iPhone 4s) and most iPods (except shuffle) to be recharged anywhere at any time, even while still in use.  Designed to be sleek and ergonomic, at just over one inch it feels like a natural extension of the phone. Don't let its size fool you at 1500mAh; this baby packs enough juice to keep you going all day long.

The ChargeBlock XL has a snug fit even when a hard case is used.  Say goodbye to worries over a dead battery on long flights, road trips and commutes.  Smart technology protects the iPod/iPhone battery by preventing overcharging; three red LED lights signal remaining battery capacity and 6 blue LED lights signal battery charging status.  With standard mini USB you can recharge the ChargeBlock XL or charge it and your iPhone/iPod at the same time.

Package includes ChargeBlock XL, cover lid, strap, user manual and USB cable.