ChargeBlock® USB 2A

ChargeBlock USB 2A - Car Adapter for fast-carging iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, PlayBook, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPod, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, GPS and more.

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Simple - Works with iPad, iPad 2, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry PlayBook, iPhone, iPod or just about any USB powered device.

Small - Micro size in some case it will fit completely inside the vehicle power port.

Flexible - Recharge just about any USB device including all iPad, mobile phones, GPS, Cameras and more at anytime, anywhere.

Fast Charge - Fast Charge your power hungry devices, the ChargeBlock car adapter 2A outputs 2.1amp (10W) of power.

Product Description

The ChargeBlock car adapter 2A is an Ultra-small USB charger for your vehicle's power port. In some case it will fit completely inside the power port allowing you to close the cover door when not in use.

The ChargeBlock car adapter has a 2.1 amp USB Type-A port which supplies the juice needed to fast charge your thirsty devices like the iPad, iPad 2, Kindle Fire, PlayBook or other tablet.It can also charge your iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Droid, EVO, Nexus, Galaxy or any other USB device. 

It is backed by our industry leading 3-Year warranty; Isn't it time to simplify your mobile lifestyle™.