Miccus® Mini-jack RX

Wireless Music Receiver featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology.

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  • Listen to wireless music from your mobile phone or Bluetooth-enabled laptop
  • Simple wireless connection to existing audio gear
  • Compatible with any stereo line input
  • Built-in sleep mode conserves the battery when the device is not in use

Product Description

The Miccus® Mini-jack Rx is a wireless music receiver featuring Bluetooth technology that connects to any stereo audio input. Now you can listen to music and content from your mobile phone, iPad®, laptop or iPod® without the hassle of cables. Using the supplied adapter or cables the Mini-jack RX connects to Home A/V systems, home stereos, headphones, automobile or motorcycle speakers, Boats, RVs and more.

Touch and hold one button to power on the Mini-jack Rx and it will automatically search for a compatible transmitter,  such as the Mini-jack TX with no codes to enter. The LED lights beneath the button indicate Bluetooth connection and charging status.

The included stereo cables and adapter connect the Mini-jack Rx to almost any stereo or input. The fully charged mini-jack Rx provides up to 8 hours of music reception or use continuous with USB power.

Package includes: Miccus® Mini-jack Rx, USB cable, 3.5mm stereo cable, 3.5mm to RCA stereo Y cable, 3.5mm stereo barrel adapter and User Manual.