Miccus® Mini-jack TX

Music Transmitter adds Bluetooth® wireless capability to any audio source

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  • Simple to use - connects to any (3.5mm) audio source and converts it to wireless
  • Plug Into - TVs, Kindle Fire® CD/DVD players, MP3, Laptops or any device with audio output
  • Pair with- Bluetooth A2DP compatible headphones, hearing aids, speakers, and more
  • 90° mini-jack - swivels allowing for portability and hard-to-reach connections

Product Description

The Miccus® Mini-jack TX is a wireless  music transmitter that connects to any headphone jack (3.5mm). Enjoy your music without the hassle of cables and adapters. Easy to use, plug it into TVs, game pads, CD/DVD players, MP3 players, laptops, PCs or any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.  Wirelessly connect to just about any Bluetooth compatible device such as the Mini-jack RX, Home RTX or headphones, speakers, hearing aids and more.  

The 90° swiveling jack allows for easy storage, portability and hard-to-reach connections. Press and hold the button to enter pairing mode and the mini-jack TX will automatically search for a compatible receiver such as the Mini-jack RX; no codes to enter.

The LED lights indicate connection and charging status. A fully charged Mini-jack TX provides up to 7 hours of music transmission or continuous with USB power.

Package includes: Miccus® Mini-jack TX, USB charging cable and User manual.