Our easy-to-use solutions

Miccus® Mini-jack TX

The Miccus® Mini-jack TX takes almost any audio source and converts it into a Bluetooth® wireless audio stream. Enjoy your music without connecting a cable. Learn More

Miccus® Mini-jack RX

Wireless Music Receiver featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology. Learn More

Miccus® Home RTX

The ultimate, long range, stereo music transmitter or receiver featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology . Learn More

ChargeBlock® USB 2A

ChargeBlock USB 2A is an Ultra-small Car Charger, for fast charging devices such as iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, PlayBook, iPhone, iPod, Droid, Cameras, etc. Learn More

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"The Miccus® Home RTX never cut out"

Carl from South Carolina says, " I walked all over inside my house and the Home RTX never cut out. The range beat my expectations..." Read Article

It is a pleasure to deal with "support"

Customer Jon E. From Virginia says, "Thank you for your quick response. It is a pleasure to deal with a "support" department that actually responds to customer's questions." Read Article

...Excellent Customer Service!

Customer Doug R. from Ohio says, "Thanks for your help and I will keep Miccus in mind again due to the excellent customer service.." Read Article