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Standalone Portable Reserves


For smaller boosts of power during the day, I absolutely fell in love with the Chargeblock XL ($39.99 retail) from Miccus. With 1500 mAh of power, it will give you a significant boost, and its compact curved design makes it fit easily into your pocket or purse, then attach to any device with the standard dock charger. This was the only external dongle-style charger that I could keep using while holding the iPhone. Other dongle-style chargers are just to bulky or awkward to hold while connected.

However, a strong runner-up in this category is the Mophie Juice Pack Boost ($59.95). While not as compact as the Chargeblock (sized similar to an iPod classic), it does have a built-in carabiner keychain to attach it to just about anything and it doubles as a flashlight! I did have trouble with the retractable, 30-pin connector on the Juice Pack Boost keeping a stable connection to my iPhone, and it was impossible to use while holding the iPhone, which is why the Chargeblock remains my first choice for daily use.

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