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General Bluetooth® Information
Do Miccus Bluetooth devices require a pass code for use?

Miccus devices DO NOT require passkey entry to pair with other Bluetooth devices. Devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, even some stereo systems, may require you to use a passkey when pairing with Miccus devices. If you need device specific paring instructions, consult your device specific owner's manual for pairing your smartphone, tablet, laptop or stereo system to Miccus Bluetooth products. For devices that require a passkey try the following: "0000", "1234", or

What is a Bluetooth codec and why is it important?
  Bluetooth audio streaming comes in a handful of "popular flavors" called codecs. Here are the 3 most widely used: SBC, APT-X, APT-X LL (Low Latency). Bluetooth transmitters take your analog signal, convert it to digital, then transmit it to a Bluetooth receiver (typically headphones or a speaker system). The receiving device converts it back to analog for listening. While very fast, the "packing" (conversion from analog to digital) and "unpacking" (the conversion from digital to analog) is NOT instantaneous. For this reason, devices that feature the APT-X Low Latency codec are the best for video audio. Chip maker CSR claims that APT-X Low Latency has an end to end delay of 32 milliseconds or .032 seconds - making audio delay/latency unnoticeable to the listener. APT-X does a better job than SBC, but APT-X LL is the best for video audio. BOTH THE BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTING DEVICE AND THE BLUETOOTH RECEIVING DEVICE MUST FEATURE APT-X LOW LATENCY FOR APT-X Low Latency to be active. If one device features it and the other does not, they will both either default to the SBC or APT-X codec. While SBC and APT-X both sound great, you may experience some audio lag while using them for video audio.
What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices. Bluetooth communicates on a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz, which has been dedicated by international agreement for use by industrial, scientific and medical devices (ISM) only. A number of other devices that you may already use take advantage of this same radio-frequency band such as, WiFi routers, baby monitors, garage-door openers and cordless phones.
Bluetooth technology allows mobile phones, computers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's), printers, and speakers to be easily connected to one another without wires.
All Miccus Bluetooth products support stereo music protocol also known as A2DP.
What is a Bluetooth profile?
  A Bluetooth profile is a software subset within the Bluetooth definition for a particular set of commands or features.  For two devices to connect or pair, both devices must support the same profile. All Miccus devices support the stereo music profile known as A2DP.
What are the working ranges of Bluetooth wireless devices?
Most Bluetooth devices have a range of approximately 33 feet (10 meters). Communication range may differ for the following reasons:
  • walls or other obstacles are located between Bluetooth devices
  • Radio Frequency (RF) interference is present
  • immediate environmental conditions may be adverse
  • the type of software being used, if applicable.
The Home RTX product has a longer working range due to its external antenna and constant power (i.e. no battery).
Are different brands of Bluetooth products compatible?
  Yes. Bluetooth manufacturers are required to make their Bluetooth products compatible with all other Bluetooth devices; failure to meet this requirement means products cannot legally display the Bluetooth logo. Just because a device is Bluetooth enabled, however, does not mean it supports the A2DP stereo music profile. All Miccus Bluetooth products support A2DP and will only work with other Bluetooth devices that support the A2DP profile as well.
Which operating systems are compatible with Bluetooth?
PC requirements for Bluetooth:
  • Windows XP SP2 or higher
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7
However the default Windows Bluetooth drivers do not include (A2DP) which is the profile that is needed for stereo music support. For this you will need a 3rd party driver stack such as Widcomm driver stack from Broadcom as this will enable the Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) music streaming. You can also check your PC's website as sometimes manufacturers will have the drivers available for download under the support section for your model. If not, you can try one of these options for 3rd party Bluetooth drivers:
or; This one is a paid software but there is a free trial demo available.
Mac/Apple requirements for Bluetooth:
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • iOS 3.1 or higher
What is my Bluetooth Passcode?
A passcode (sometimes called a passkey or pairing code) is a number that associates one Bluetooth enabled device with another. For security reasons, many Bluetooth enabled devices require you to use a passcode.
Note: All Miccus accessories use the default passcode "0000".