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Miccus® Home RTX Mini
How do I perform a factory reset on the Home RTX Mini?
  To clear the memory in your Home RTX Mini:

  1. Make sure your Home RTX Mini is powered ON
  2. Press and hold the spring loaded slider switch all the way to the right for roughly 6-8 seconds until all 3 indicator lights light up together, then release the spring loaded slider.
The Blue "M" indicator light will continue flashing quickly as if in pairing mode for approximately two minutes. When it begins blinking slowly again, the Mini is ready for use.
I'm having a difficult time seeing the indicator lights, is something wrong with my Home RTX Mini?
  The Miccus Home RTX Mini ships with a protective sticker over the indicator lights on the front panel of the unit. As per the owner's manual, please remove the sticker before use.
I'm using my Home RTX Mini in transmit mode, and it is connected with an optical audio source but I'm not hearing any audio. Why?
  1) Check to make sure your audio source optical cable is connected to the Optical input on the back of the Home RTX Mini.

2) In order to hear audio, the right audio source must be selected. On the front of the RTX Mini there are 2 audio source indicator lights. Once paired, you may select either "Optical" or "Aux" as the audio source. If your audio source is "Optical" and the indicator light is set to "Aux", select "Optical" by pushing the multi-function slider switch all the way to the right, and releasing it.
My bluetooth headphones feature the APT-X Low Latency codec, but I tried them with the Miccus Home RTX Mini and I'm still experiencing lip sync delay.
  The Miccus Home RTX Mini features the following 3 Bluetooth codecs: SBC, APT-X, and APT-X Low Latency. Your headphones have likely paired to the Home RTX Mini in SBC or APT-X. As per your device specific owner's manual, reset your headphones and make sure they are fully charged. Do a "Factory Reset" on the Home RTX Mini (owner's manual page 10), then pair the RTX Mini and your headphones for use. Click here to link to the Home RTX Mini Owner's Manual.
What digital communication protocol(s) does the Miccus Home RTX Mini support?
  Both Dolby Digital 2.0 and PCM digital communication protocols have been carefully tested with major television makes and models and have been verified to work with the Home RTX Mini. If you are having difficulty getting your television to send optical audio to the the Home RTX Mini, be sure to check your television's audio output options by selecting the digital or TOSLINK output and choose the proper digital communication protocol: either PCM or Dolby Digital 2.0. The RTX Mini does not support Dolby Digital 5.1
What is aptX Low Latency?
  aptX Low Latency is a Bluetooth codec that features an end to end latency of roughly 40 milliseconds. aptX Low Latency is the best codec to use for television audio because it virtually eliminates lip sync issues that are commonly present when using Bluetooth devices that support either the SBC codec or even the standard aptX codec. The Miccus Home RTX Mini features support for the SBC codec, the aptX codec, and the aptX Low Latency codec making it very flexible and a good match up in virtually any Bluetooth environment.
When I turn the RTX Mini on, the blue "M" flashes, but it doesn't pair with my headphones.
  When powering on the Miccus Home RTX Mini, the blue "M" indicator light flashes once every 2-3 seconds indicating it is in standby mode. To place the RTX Mini into pairing mode, push the multi-function slider all the to the right and hold for 3 seconds until the blue "m" begins blinking on and off rapidly (roughly 4 times per second). Once paired, the blue "m" indicator will be lit a solid blue.