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Miccus Mini-jack TX4
How do I pair two Bluetooth receiving devices to my TX4?
Dual Link Pairing (connecting 2 receiving devices with the TX4 at one time)
Make sure all Bluetooth transmitting devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, etc...) you've previously paired with your headset or speaker system are either turned off or have their Bluetooth functionality disabled. Make sure the TX4 and both your receiving devices are fully charged before pairing. For the pairing process, the TX4 and the device you're pairing with will need to be right next to each other.

1) Power on your 1st receiving device (headset, speaker system, etc...) and put it into pairing mode. You will need to follow the instructions for your specific device(s).

2) Press and hold the multi-function button on the TX4 to power it on, but keep holding down the multi-function button until you see the LED blinking red and blue. When the LED is blinking red and blue the TX4 is in pairing mode.

3) Once the TX4 is paired with the first headset, the TX4's indicator light will blink blue several times, blink red once, then blink blue every 3-5 seconds.

4) Power off the TX4 by holding down the multi-function button for 5-10 seconds. Just before shutting down, the TX4 will flash red once and the light will turn off. Then, power off the 1st paired headset.

5) Repeat steps 1-4 to pair your 2nd headset with the TX4.

6) Once the 2nd headset is paired with the TX4, power on the 1st headset (do not put the 1st headset back into pairing mode), then wait 5-10 seconds. To indicate a reconnection with the 1st headset, the TX4's indicator light flashes red once, then goes back to blinking blue every 3-5 seconds.

7) Enjoy your music!
How do I pair two devices at once with my Mini-jack TX4?
  • With the Mini-Jack TX4 powered off, place it into pairing mode by pressing and holding the MULTI-FUNCTION BUTTON for 8 seconds or until both red and blue LEDs flash rapidly. This single button push and hold will first power on the TX4, and, second, it will place the device into pairing mode. If you let go of the MULTI-FUNCTION BUTTON before seeing both red and blue LEDs flash rapidly you will need to power the device off and try again.
  • Place the TX4 right next to the Bluetooth® receiving unit with which you're trying to pair.
  • Power on your Bluetooth® receiving unit, and place it into pairing mode.
  • Once the Mini-jack TX4 and your receiving device recognize and pair with each other, the TX4s blue LED will slowly flash on and off indicating a paired connection.
  • To pair a second receiving device, power off both your first paired device and the Mini-jack TX4 then follow the same pairing directions with the second receiving device.
  • Once the second device is paired, turn the first device back on and it will automatically reconnect to the Mini-jack TX4. Some devices may require the user to quickly press and release the Mini-jack TX4s Multi-function button for audio to reconnect. In such cases, if pressing the MULTI-FUNCTION BUTTON does not reconnect your first device to the dual pairing, it is recommended to start the entire pairing process again.
Note: When pairing to any receiving device, the TX4 will begin transmitting its audio feed immediately. It will then stop for 1-2 seconds and buffer the audio so it can begin transmitting again. This is a design feature of the TX4.

How do I perform a reset on my Mini-jack TX4?
To perform a factory reset on your Mini-jack TX4 do the following:
With the TX4 powered off, press and hold the multi-function button for 15-18 seconds. The TX4 will power on, cycle through a pairing mode (indicated by red and blue lights flashing quickly), then the TX4 will power off. Once the TX4 powers off, immediately release the multi-function button. At this point, the reset is complete.
How do I place my Mini-jack TX4 into pairing mode?
  When powered off, put the TX4 into pairing mode by pressing and holding the multi-function button for 8 seconds, or until the device indicator lights flash red and blue. The TX4 will power on after roughly 3 seconds, but you must continue holding down the multi-function button in order to place the TX4 into pairing mode. Once paired, you may use the standard on off functions of the multi-function button in accordance with the user manual.
How do I reconnect my headphones to the TX4 without having to re-pair them?
  The Mini-jack TX4 accepts AVRCP commands from Bluetooth® headphones that are equipped with AVRCP. A key indicator that your headphones have this functionality is that your headphones have pause / play or next / previous track buttons on them. These buttons make reconnecting to your paired TX4 easy. If your headphones have this functionality, pressing the play / pause button on your headphones and the TX4 will reconnect to them without requiring a re-pairing of the two. For future use, simply leave your TX4 connected to USB power, and leave your TX4 powered on. Before the next use, power your fully charged headphones on, and press the play / pause button to reconnect to the TX4.
Is the Miccus Mini-jack TX4 backwards compatible with older Bluetooth® versions?
  The Miccus® Mini-jack TX4 features Bluetooth® version 4.0. While all versions of Bluetooth® are backwards compatible, Miccus Inc. recommends using the TX4's dual link pairing feature with receiving device chipsets that support multi-point technology.
My Mini-jack TX4 will pair with both my Bluetooth receiving devices, but I cannot get it to connect to both receiving devices at the same time.
  Miccus Inc. recommends using the TX4's dual link pairing feature with receiving device Bluetooth® chipsets that support multi-point technology. The Miccus Mini-jack TX4 features a CSR Bluetooth® chipset, known industry wide as reliable and high quality. Please contact the maker of the receiving device in question to determine if your receiving device's chipset recognizes and works with multi-point technology.