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Miccus Mini-Jack AX4
Does the Miccus Mini-jack AX4 support both aptX and aptX Low Latency?
  The Miccus MIni-jack AX4 supports the following two popular Bluetooth codecs: SBC, aptX. The Mini-jack AX4 does not support aptX Low Latency.
Instead of going to the next track, my AX4 pauses when I push the button during playback.
  During playback the Mini-jack AX4's multi-function button works for two different commands:
  1. pause/play (push button once)
  2. goto next track (push button quickly two times)
When using the speakerphone function on my Mini-jack AX4, the incoming caller has a hard time hearing me.
  Locate the microphone on the side of the AX4 on the end furthest from the jack itself; The microphone appears as a small hole about the size of a pin. Use the built-in swivel jack technology to position the microphone as close to you as your auxiliary jack allows.
While streaming music on my AX4, how do I answer an incoming call?
  There are three ways to answer an incoming call while using your smartphone to stream music to your Mini-jack AX4:
  1. Answer your smartphone as you typically do
  2. Press the Multi-function button on the AX4
  3. Answer "yes" when prompted