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Miccus® Pool Party SPX9
How come the light on my Pool Party blinks red during charging?
  The Miccus® Pool Party SPX9 owner’s manual states the “red LED lights solid during charging”; this is a misprint. The manual should read "The Pool Party SPX9 charging light blinks red when charging".
What does the Multi-function button do on my Miccus® Pool Party SPX9?
  The MULTI-FUNCTION button on the Miccus® Pool Party SPX9 acts as a POWER ON/OFF button, a PAUSE/PLAY button, and an ANSWER CALL button.
  • POWER ON/OFF: press and hold the MULTI-FUNCTION button for 3 seconds; the Pool Party will power on and sound 4 ascending beeps. Once paired with a device it will sound ascending beeps quickly to indicate a Bluetooth® connection has been made.
  • PLAY/PAUSE: While streaming music directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer, quickly press and release the MULTI-FUNCTION button to pause music, and press again to resume playback.
  • ANSWER CALL: The Miccus® Pool Party SPX9 has built-in microphone technology for hands free calling. If a call comes in while you're streaming music from your smartphone to the Miccus® Pool Party SPX9, press the MULTI-FUNCTION button to answer the call. Press the MULTI-FUNCTION button again to hang up your call when finished.