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Miccus® Mini-jack TX
Before first use, the Mini-jack TX must be fully charged.
  Fully Charge your Mini-jack TX for 2-3 hrs before initial use. Out of the box, the Miccus Mini-jack TX carries a limited factory charge to its internal Lithium-ion battery. By design, Lithium-ion batteries can lose their charge over time. Once charged, please consult the Mini-jack TX owners manual for pairing and usage instructions.

Please send any additional questions to, or call live support @ 616-604-4449 11am-4pm, Mon-Fri EST
Is the Mini-jack TX safe to use around secure computer networks?
  Because the Mini-jack TX is a Bluetooth transmitter only, it cannot be paired as a receiver with computers, smartphones, tablets or any other Bluetooth transmitting device.The Mini-jack TX uses the A2DP Bluetooth profile which is designed for Bluetooth music streaming only. A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) does not allow for the transmission of data between devices like the EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Bluetooth Profile does, and, therefore, the Mini-jack TX4 cannot create a wireless network to a computer or computer network. It is safe to use around secure computer networks.
When charging my Mini-jack TX the indicator light stays lit, even after a full charge. Is my Mini-jack TX defective?
No. Due to an EOL component change in the Mini-jack TX, the indicator light stays lit, but dims from a bright red to a faint red once the TX is fully charged. A full TX charge should take roughly 4-5 hrs.

The Mini-jack TX user’s manual states: “When charging is complete the red LED light will automatically turn off.” This is no longer the case, and the Mini-jack TX user’s manual will be updated before its next printing.
Why is it my Mini-jack TX is streaming audio to only one side of my headphones?
  If you're headphones are receiving only either a left or right stereo stream it is likely that the Mini-jack TX isn't seated properly into the jack of your audio source. Firmly insert the Mini-jack TX into your 3.5mm headphone jack to insure that the base / hilt of the TX jack plug is resting snug against the headphone insert on your audio device with no jack shaft showing. Once fully inserted, slowly twist the Mini-jack TX left and right a few times to ensure a solid connection.
How come the Mini-jack TX is not pairing with my phone?
  The Miccus Mini-jack TX functions only as a Bluetooth music transmitter. It does not have receiving capabilities. Your mobile phone, tablet, PC or iPad® are also Bluetooth transmitters and they will not pair with the Mini-jack TX. Devices that will pair with the Mini-jack TX are Bluetooth music receiving devices such as the Miccus Mini-jack RX, Miccus Home RTX, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, hearings aids and more.
My TX Mini-jack won't turn on, or it appears to be frozen.
To correct this problem, connect the mini-jack to USB power for approximately 1 hour to give it some charge. If it already has charge then connect it to USB for 30seconds, then remove the device from USB power for 30seconds. Next connect the Mini-jack TX to USB power again for 30 seconds. Now remove the usb cable and press and hold the button for 8 seconds or until the light flashes red and blue. If the mini-jack still fails to respond, then please conact for a possible warranty replacement.
Can the mini-jack pair with two devices at once?
  No, the mini-jack can only pair with one device at a time. It is capable of remembering pairing codes for up to eight devices, Upon subsequent use, these eight devices do not need to be re-paired with the mini-jack.
How long does the Mini-jack TX/RX take to charge?
  The Mini-jack TX and Mini-jack RX should take about 4 hours to reach a full charge from empty. The red LED will shut off when the charge is full.