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Miccus® Mini-jack RX
After powering off my mobile device, the Mini-jack RX forgets the pairing.
  Turn on your source device (iPhone, iPad, mobile phone) and the MiniJack RX, Press the connect button on the RX once or twice; Doing this sends a play command to your source device. Your source device should automatically reconnect with the Mini-jack RX.
ATTENTION: Connecting the audio adapter or cable to the Mini-jack RX.
The audio jack is tight by design and requires a fair amount of force for complete jack insertion. Once you've inserted either the male to male 3.5mm adapter or cable, give it a little extra push to make certain it is fitted snuggly against the Mini-jack RX housing; twisting the coupler or cable while inserting it may also result in a more secure fit. Failure to seat the coupler or cable properly may result in a poor audio connection. The audio jack is designed to be tight because it must support the weight of the Mini-jack RX when connected with the coupler.

Please send any additional questions to, or call live support @ 616-604-4449 11am-4pm, Mon-Fri EST
Before first use, the Mini-jack RX must be fully charged.
  Fully Charge your Mini-jack RX for 2-3 hrs before initial use. The Miccus Mini-jack RX carries a limited factory charge to its internal Lithium-ion battery. By design, Lithium-ion batteries can lose their charge over time. Once charged, please consult the Mini-jack RX owners manual for pairing and usage instructions.

Please send any additional questions to, or call live support @ 616-604-4449 11am-4pm, Mon-Fri EST
Can the mini-jack pair with two devices at once?
  No, the mini-jack can only pair with one device at a time. It is capable of remembering pairing codes for up to eight devices, Upon subsequent use, these eight devices do not need to be re-paired with the mini-jack.
How long does the Mini-jack TX/RX take to charge?
  The Mini-jack TX and Mini-jack RX should take about 4 hours to reach a full charge from empty. The red LED will shut off when the charge is full.
I have an Samsung (Android OS) phone; my Mini-jack RX will not connect.
  Due to Samsung’s custom modifications to the Android OS, the mini-jack RX is seen and able to pair but it will not stream audio correctly on certain models (Galaxy S, Captivate, etc). To correct the issue, update your phone's software to Android version 2.2.1 or higher. Some customers have had success installing 3rd party Android images on their phone, but this process CAN VOID YOUR PHONE WARRANTY and should be done only at your own risk. You may also try to connect to the Mini-jack RX by using the Samsung music player App and selecting the RX from the settings menu. For possible updates from Samsung please visit
My Mini-jack RX won't turn on, or it appears to be frozen.
The Mini-jack RX has a reset switch. It is located on the same side as the 3.5mm audio jack in the center between the two halves of the housing. Using a small pin press and hold the reset switch for 3 seconds. Now you should be able to reconnect or pair it with your device.
When charging my Mini-jack RX the indicator light stays lit, even after a full charge. Is my Mini-jack RX defective?

No. Due to an EOL component change in the Mini-jack RX, the indicator light stays lit even after it's fully charged. A full RX charge should take roughly 4-5 hrs.

The Mini-jack RX user’s manual states: “When charging is complete the red LED light will automatically turn off.” This is no longer the case, and the Mini-jack RX user’s manual will be updated before its next printing.