How do I pair two Home RTX units with each other?

To get an extra boost in signal range, two Miccus Home RTX units can be paired with each other. Before pairing, make sure all devices you’ve paired with your home RTX units have been powered off or Bluetooth disabled.
  1. Disconnect both RTX units from USB power for 20 seconds or more to reset RTX memory. Then reconnect the units to USB power.
  2. Place both RTX units within inches of each other. The closer the better for pairing
  3. Power on both RTX units by holding down the center button for 3 seconds until the light across the front of both units is blinking.
  4. Place the first RTX into RX pairing mode by pressing and releasing the RX button, indicated by red and blue flashing.
  5. Place the second RTX into TX pairing mode by double pressing the TX button, indicated by red and blue flashing.
  6. Once paired both RTX units will be lit either a solid blue (for RX mode) and a solid red (for TX mode) respectively.
Once the pairing is complete one of the RTX units can be shut down, disconnected from power, and moved to the desired use location. The other RTX must be left plugged into power in order to remember its pairing with the moved RTX. Once moved, connected and ready for use, make sure both RTX units are powered on; they should reconnected automatically.